Choosing EOS Lip Balm For The Flavor

Choosing EOS lip balm for the flavor is a wise decision for all adults and children who wish to care for their lips. The company is performing better than all other firms in the industry, and they are catching up to the companies such as Chap Stick and Burt’s Bees who have owned the market for some time. This article explains how the flavors and colors of EOS lip balm,, are more popular than ever before.

#1: Better Flavors

The flavor choices from EOS lip balm are quite powerful, and they are popular with the public because they remind people of their favorite smells. The products are often seen on the shelves of Target and Walmart stores. The company has gone to great lengths to find better flavors, and they release new flavors often. They are doing everything in their power to ensure they are offering something the public wants, and they have done quite well to show the public there is a specific flavor for every nose.

#2: The Balm Is Soft

EOS is the softest lip balm in the world, and according to Amazon reviews it is soft because of the science behind the product. Anyone who is using EOS will find it quite fun to slide it across their lips, and they will note the lip balm makes their lips less dry. They deserve to have soft lips they will be proud of, and they will find it when they are shopping with EOS lip balm.

The EOS brand has made its name on ensuring every customer has a full experience from the smell to the softness of the product. They will quite enjoy the way it feels to use the product, and they will note the simplicity of the balm as compared to other. Sliding the soft ball of product across the lips helps the consumer has soft lips that smell lovely at the same time.

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Fact or Fiction: US Money Reserve Has Cornered Gold Market


Rumors are a part of buying and selling financial assets. When the Hunt Brothers made their bid to “corner the gold market” in the 1980s, this caused the price to skyrocket. Has the US Money Reserve cornered the gold market?


“Similarities Between 1980 and 2017”


The Hunt Brothers were astute billionaires who tried to corner the gold market in the 1980s. There are many similarities between 1980 and 2017, which include the following:


Fact: The political campaign of the incoming president was focused on “Make America Great Again!” Both Reagan and Trump used similar political slogans. Reagan called for a “New Day in America.”


Fact: Cold War reverberations are evident. Reagan met with Gorbachev in neutral Iceland. Trump might meet Putin in neutral Slovenia.


Fact: Economic distress continues. Have you noticed how the United States has not had a budget for years? Unemployment rates are rising also.


Will someone try to corner the gold market in 2017?


Fiction: US Money Reserve has cornered the gold market.


“Hunt, Spain, Midas & US Money Reserve”


The US Money Reserve has no real intention of cornering the gold market, in many ways, they are the Anti-Hunt Brothers. Why? Because they make gold available to every man.


Furthermore, the website for the US Money Reserve has been upgraded. You have the ability to purchase beautiful gold coins and add them to your IRA. Check out the “IRA Program” on the website.


“Have Fun on New US Money Reserve Website”


Wealthy people understand history and when conditions are ideal for certain events to occur. Both Brexit and Trump suggest change is in the air. The new website for US Money Reserve is also about change.


You can select the “Why Buy Gold” tab on the US Money Reserve website and get more information. The articles are blunt, honest and no-holds-barred. The company is run by a former US Mint Director, so you can be certain that everything is accurate.


Gold made Spain and Midas strong, it can also “Make America Great Again.” You can peruse the beautiful gold coins on the website from your office or home. To purchase gold coins, just hit the “Shop” button.


Authoritative information, news and gold products await you at the new and improved US Money Reserve website. Get you own gold coins before the market is cornered by the ambitious.

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