Alexandre Gama Is An Awarded Brazilian Business Executive

Alexandre Gama is a 59-year-old Brazilian advertising executive from Rio de Janeiro, RJ. He is also the founder and CEO of an advertising agency called Neogama, one of the 20 largest agencies in the country.

Alexandre Gama was the first Brazilian to head a global communication agency network. Gama became the Global Chief Creative Officer at BBH. He is also the only Brazilian to be part of the do Global Creative Board at Publicis Groupe.

Gama has a degree in Publicity and Advertising from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). He started his publicity career in 1982 by writing at Standart Ogilvy. In 1990 he started writing at DM9 and was awarded several times. Alexandre Gama was also a founder and worked as creation vice-president at AlmapBBDO and President/CEO & CCO during his time at Young & Rubicam.

Alexandre Gama founded his own advertising company, Neogama in 1999. In 2012, Gama joined ABAP and he represents Brazil in the communication industry.

In 2004, 2008 and 2013 he was present at the D&DA festival and is the first latin-American to receive an award there.

Alexandre Gama loves the arts and showed his work at Museu de Arte Brasileira. A musical conquest is that he is the founder of VIOLAB, that broadcasts on Youtube. Gama is a lover of luxury sports cars and holds a membership at Briggs Automotive Company.

Gama has been a jury member at the Cannes Festival and also won 23 Lion Awards.



Mike Baur is an entrepreneur, businessman, managing partner and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike boasts of a banking experience of more than two decades and even worked with Clariden Leu and UBS. He left these two firms and started investing in startup companies. He would later start his company in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory.


In 2016, January, Baur was recognized as the managing deputy director of CTI Invest after his company’s partnership with CTI. Baur has developed his company’s the Swiss Startup Factory through several accelerator programs in conjunction with different firms like the Goldback Group.


Baur was also elected as the START Summiteers jury member, a responsibility that has helped him develop start-up professionals in the St Gallen University. In February 2016, Baur also partnered with Fintech Fusion, and throughout his career, he has been listed on Wall Street Journal due to his great startup investments and Swiss banking entrepreneurship career.


Mike Baur’s aim is to IMPACT and INSPIRE Switzerland people to begin their Startup dreams with the goal of creating smart Swiss companies since its only now that large corporations model can shift using the current transformational digital.

Mike’s passion is his work, and he thinks that he has the Startup DNA to scout Startups, invest into Startups and bring them to the high network level and the best Swiss Startup companies they deserve.


His work is also to create the bridge between the new economy and old economy such that startup companies can solve digital transformation challenges and give Swiss companies name in the global rankings.Mike is also a speaker and has delivered speeches at different universities, corporate, and he does so by presenting knowledgeable ideas about startup acceleration and generation of new digital companies.


Initially, Mike began as the UBS commercial apprentice and would work his way up to the pinnacle of management of one of the largest Private Banks in Switzerland. Currently, he has the experience to connect the best of both worlds, and he thinks that world banking platforms increase value to his works in the ecosystem of Swiss Startups.


Besides his job, Mike is also a big sports fan and often attends his Fribourg Gotteron hometown hockey club. He is also a close follower of the ATP tour and Swiss Tennis Pros. He is amazed by his ability to assume top sports professionalism as well as Startup team expert.He is also intrigued by Startup, investors and other field specialists engage in meaningful business talks, and everyone is free to contact him for Startup advice.

Samuel Stauch’s Journey To Richness

Samuel Strauch is a real estate magnate. He is Metrik Real Estate’s owner and founder. Metrik Real Estate is a Florida-based company that operates across Latin America. The company offers development and equity brokerage as well as management services. Strauch has a bachelor degree in business as an alumnus of the New York-based, Hofstra University. He is also Harvard University and Erasmus University.

Strauch kicked off his career in the banking sector but soon discovered his talent in real estate investment after a stint at his family’s real estate company in Southern Florida. He began his independent real estate company in 2002, which he still manages to date. Metrik Real Estate integrates a complementary enterprises platform that includes acquisition, management, sourcing, development, and real estate brokerage within Latin America and Southern Florida. Strauch also has an interest in other sectors including restaurant and internet industry. He is also a fun of photography and art.

Strauch cites two inspirations to venture into the real estate industry. One was the booming real estate market in Miami. The second inspiration was the rapid growth of Miami metropolis. Strauch also banked on his global connections to put up a real estate company. He cherishes the opportunity to meet new clients, which breaks the monotony of serving same customers, which he witnessed in the banking sector. Besides profits, he further cherishes making new friends from his business engagements who also inspires new ideas to grow or reorganize his company. Samuel Strauch also emphasizes the importance of putting ideas into practice as the key to success and growth of a firm. He further cites meditation as critical to the success of the company and personal life. His fascination is to watch the metamorphosis of the society under the forces of globalization. Accordingly, Strauch expresses indignation with tedious work and instead pursues a thought provoking career that keeps his mind engaged. He further stresses the importance of gratefulness for success, enthusiastic and flexible mind as well as setting short-term and long-term goals. Strauch also underscores the importance of optimism to the success of the business. He cautions against hiring staff by trust rather than their performance competency.

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Why George Soros has been the Sole Target of Some of the Top Conspiracy Theories for Over Two Decades

George Soros is one of the top billionaires in the world. His name is preceded by his reputation as an outspoken individual who does not shy away from addressing both political and economic issues facing the world. Nonetheless, Soros has served as a singular target of some of the top conspiracy theories in the world for more than two decades. Most of the claims or allegations leveled against him have emanated from the far right, which is mainly because of having few friends on the left.

Soros’ became significantly involved in politics by supporting and funding groups that purposed to block President George W. Bush from winning his re-election bid. This move coupled with his effort to oppose the Iraq War elicited numerous conspiracy theories citing Soros’ wicked intentions to influence politics. Although some sites supporting the right-wing such as The Washington Times have claimed that Soros paid protestors at the March for Science and Women’s March, it is clear that he has been supporting progressive groups even before Trump’s administration assumed power.

Even though there is no evidence supporting the theories, some people have continuously felt that Soros is a puppet master who discretely manipulates the politics and economies of the world. In fact, he has been accused of profiting heavily from financial crisis around the world. Despite the conspiracy theories targeting Soros, his Open Society Foundation has remained active in the support for social justice. Read more on

Open Society Foundations

Over the years, George Soros has continuously exhibited his altruism by supporting various charitable causes around the world. He undertakes such activities through the Open Society Foundations, which he created through his fortune. The foundations operate as a network of partners, foundations and projects that are based in over 100 nations globally. The network’s name and operations serve as a testament to Karl Popper’s philosophy influence on Soros.

Throughout his philanthropic endeavors, George Soros has supported lawyers and paralegals representing thousands of individuals who have been unlawfully imprisoned. He has also donated university and school fees for thousands of bright students from marginalized groups around the world. Additionally, he participates actively in the operations of the Open Society Foundations by traveling around the world to advocate for positive policy reforms with global leaders both privately and publicly. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

George Soros

Billionaire George Soros is known widely for his philanthropic work and wealth. However, little is known about how he witnessed the mass loss of lives during the Nazi occupation of Hungary. He and his family survived the ordeal by securing false identification. Soros fled to London from his native country, where he acquired his education from the London School of Economics. This allowed him to have a smooth entry into the world of finance after moving to the US. Later on, he founded the Soros Fund Management and went ahead to become one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

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