The Complete Shopping Experience from Roberto Santiagos Manaira Shopping

People have different thoughts and needs when it comes to a shopping mall. The industry has got excellent growth in the recent years because malls could provide a complete shopping and entertainment experience to an average visitor. Across the world, the most successful retail business model is none other than shopping mall industry. But, the players in the industry has some high-risk factors as well. Due to the growth of the industry as a whole, more players are getting attracted towards it, and more and more shopping malls getting opened in the cities which is sometimes beyond the demand. Only smart entrepreneurs with right strategies can only sustain in the industry due to the severe competition.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is a real example of how a shopping mall should be in attracting the visitors year around and with improving footfall year after year. Manaira Shopping is an answer to the right strategies to win the market. Roberto Santiago’s tactic of continuous development to get improved business has helped mall to reach 20 million visitors per year, per the latest data. Interestingly, the numbers are extremely hard to achieve, especially when a mall is situated in João Pessoa – a city with less than one million population. Manaira Shopping is the primary destination for both the city residents as well as tourists to the city who want to spend some quality time for shopping or entertainment.

The mall has a wholesome experience of cinema, games, food, fashion, services, and more. Recently, Manaira Shopping has added Gamebox, a newly designed toy cum amusement park for children, and it is to entertain and make the children active by participating various gaming options. Additionally, the shopping mall has a children buffet option according to the tastes of the category. Space Lounge is another great attraction in the mall, and it is a themed bar clubbed with bowling option for the sports lovers. Santiago has designed it as an ideal place for meetings with colleagues or friends while enjoying cocktails or drinks. An affordable health club is also present in the mall to satisfy the needs of the people who are conscious about their fitness.

The Cinépolis cinema halls with 11 screens offer modern cinematographic exhibition with highest projection quality and added amenities. It offers VIP cinema rooms, Dolby Digital sound, Stadium System seating, and high-tech projection equipment. Domus Hall caters the needs of major events, exhibitions, media programs, corporate meetings, theater dramas, and more. Manaira Shopping also has a Game Station that has different varieties of games that can satisfy children, elders, youth, women, serious gamers, and more. While coming to fashion choices, the mall houses exclusive brand showrooms of the international brands, and it fulfills the needs of customers greatly.


A review of NewsWatch TV working with Avanca smartphone company

NewsWatch TV is a television network in the United States.
Overall, it is considered one of the small players in the media industry, but
its impact on the industry is bigger than many people may think. NewsWatch TV
was started in 1989. Since it was started, the TV Show which shows for only 30
minutes has a huge following. The show is famous for its content which includes
medical breakthroughs, new product releases among other stories.

Many big companies in the United States have recognized the
important role that this TV plays and have been keen to work together with it.
A number of these companies have partnered with this company to create public
knowledge about the items they are releasing. It is one way of marketing
products without spending a lot of money on advertisement. Products that are
featured in this show will reach a lot more people than normal advertising
means. One of the companies that have worked closely with NewsWatch TV recently
is a Dutch smartphone company known as Avanca. The aim was to create a
promotional campaign for this company. The story of the Avanca smartphone
company is not the only one. There are other companies that have successfully
partnered with this company and have accomplished success.

NewsWatch TV reviews offers opprtuni6toes to the small companies in
the world to partner with them and ensure that their products are advertised to
a large audience. The costs involved will be a fraction of what would be spent
on the large TV channels yet the impact will be similar. The good thing about
NewsWatch TV is that they are professional in their work and will ensure that
the approach needed to reach the audience is clear and precise depending on the
needs of the company. The impact of the company is huge and this will be
clearly illustrated through customers’ testimonials.

Malcolm CasSelle

The company WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a company which involves itself in buying and selling of virtual assets through tokens. By tokenization, it means that sensitive element is substituted with a non-sensitive item, so that there is no meaning in value. It also involves itself in transfer of assets and fractionalization of assets so that it is possible to own a fraction of an ornament or a valuable item. It has been made possible through transfer agents, who are in charge of delivering assets and are supervised by guilds, ensuring that the company continues to uphold their position in asset transfer.
Moreover, guilds are in charge of over sighting the regulations. Putting assets to worldwide assets exchange frequently increases its security because hackers’ manipulation will be reduced as they have to go through all transactions to achieve whatever they are looking for. Additionally, its frequently used block chain has been a source of security to the company and increasing is speed tremendously.
Malcom CasSelle is a computer science graduate with a bachelor degree holder from MIT and a masters holder from Stanford university. He is the president of WAX company where he has mentored people to bit coin, he has created investments in the technological industry and has led successful teams. His great smartness in technology has been the driving force in his innovations. Furthermore, his willingness to try a technological investment without fear of the risks that might be involved has been another source of his success.
In addition, he has worked in several companies improving their profits in a short time such as NetNoir, Tencent and video gaming. He sells items from video games too. Malcolm CasSelle created a market place for video game so that people are able to trade freely without unnecessary cost fee incurred such as currency conversion and processor fee payment, instead they use bitcoin. It serves millions of on-line players who are lovers of the games.

My Daughter’s Role Model is Betsy DeVos

We should be proud to have Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education within the United States of America. She serves as a role model for the next generation of women. She teaches them that they can achieve anything, be anything, and promote good virtues if they put their minds to it.


This wonderful example of how life should be lived is in direct contrast with the normal role models that we see on social media, the internet, and on YouTube. These role models, such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, all teach that a girl should be greedy, sexually promiscuous, vengeful, and prone to gossip. The purpose of this article is to convince young girls to stop looking at the so-called pop stars and begin looking at a productive citizen by examining the life of Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos teaches us why we should take our childhood seriously. Our childhood is the training grounds that we go through to become productive citizens later on in life. It is from the strong starting point of our childhoods that raises the chance that we will become great citizens in the future. Betsy DeVos knew this and attended the Holland Christian High School and later would go on to get in an economics degree from a college in Grand Rapids, Michigan known as Calvin College.


Betsy DeVos would use her education to propel her into a sphere of influence where she could affect true change. Betsy DeVos committed her life to restructuring the education system in America. She became active with several political super Pacs which focus on promoting school choice, charter schools, and voucher programs for private schools. She would mainly restructure education through her political offices that she held within the state of Michigan Republican Party. It was here in the great state of Michigan that she would serve as chairwoman as well as the committeewoman on the board of Republicans. She performed admirably in these roles and in 2016 president-elect Donald Trump nominated her to serve as United States Secretary of Education.


Betsy DeVos also teaches us why it is important to better society. She lives this through her generous giving through the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy DeVos understands that civilization is only as strong as the key virtues which grow it. These virtues are education, justice, community, arts, and a free market.


To sum up this article, Betsy DeVos teachers are young girls three valuable lessons that they desperately need to learn. The first lesson is that we should start off well. The second lesson is that we should promote our values. And the third lesson is that we should give back to society.


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