The Complete Shopping Experience from Roberto Santiagos Manaira Shopping

People have different thoughts and needs when it comes to a shopping mall. The industry has got excellent growth in the recent years because malls could provide a complete shopping and entertainment experience to an average visitor. Across the world, the most successful retail business model is none other than shopping mall industry. But, the players in the industry has some high-risk factors as well. Due to the growth of the industry as a whole, more players are getting attracted towards it, and more and more shopping malls getting opened in the cities which is sometimes beyond the demand. Only smart entrepreneurs with right strategies can only sustain in the industry due to the severe competition.

Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is a real example of how a shopping mall should be in attracting the visitors year around and with improving footfall year after year. Manaira Shopping is an answer to the right strategies to win the market. Roberto Santiago’s tactic of continuous development to get improved business has helped mall to reach 20 million visitors per year, per the latest data. Interestingly, the numbers are extremely hard to achieve, especially when a mall is situated in João Pessoa – a city with less than one million population. Manaira Shopping is the primary destination for both the city residents as well as tourists to the city who want to spend some quality time for shopping or entertainment.

The mall has a wholesome experience of cinema, games, food, fashion, services, and more. Recently, Manaira Shopping has added Gamebox, a newly designed toy cum amusement park for children, and it is to entertain and make the children active by participating various gaming options. Additionally, the shopping mall has a children buffet option according to the tastes of the category. Space Lounge is another great attraction in the mall, and it is a themed bar clubbed with bowling option for the sports lovers. Santiago has designed it as an ideal place for meetings with colleagues or friends while enjoying cocktails or drinks. An affordable health club is also present in the mall to satisfy the needs of the people who are conscious about their fitness.

The Cinépolis cinema halls with 11 screens offer modern cinematographic exhibition with highest projection quality and added amenities. It offers VIP cinema rooms, Dolby Digital sound, Stadium System seating, and high-tech projection equipment. Domus Hall caters the needs of major events, exhibitions, media programs, corporate meetings, theater dramas, and more. Manaira Shopping also has a Game Station that has different varieties of games that can satisfy children, elders, youth, women, serious gamers, and more. While coming to fashion choices, the mall houses exclusive brand showrooms of the international brands, and it fulfills the needs of customers greatly.


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