Kim Dao Reviews Kawaii Pokemon Makeup!

Kim Dao is known in the Youtube beauty community as a go-to for Korean and Japanese makeup and skincare reviews. In this video, Kim Dao reviews Tonymoly branded Pokemon makeup and skin care. All of the items in the video are featured in incredibly adorable Pokemon packaging!


First, Kim Dao reviews the new Pikachu BB Cushion. As always, she provides her viewers with an honest review. She had previously tried the last Pikachu BB cushion, and found it much to light for her skin. This BB cushion edition was still on the light side, but provided excellent coverage.Learn more :


Next, up she reviews the Pikachu eye palette paired with two Pikachu mascaras. These Pikachu mascaras come in three colors, red, black, and blue. Kim Dao selected the red mascara and filled in her eyebrows to match her current hair color, as a versatile way to use the product. The black mascara lengthened her lashes better than she had expected of a Korean mascara.Learn more :


She then tried out the Pikachu Blush, a light and natural Korean blush. Kim Dao explains that this blush is not as pigmented as a Japanese blush would be, but it provides a very sweet, dewey highlight to the cheeks. She then applies a Pikachu and Wigglytuff lip balm. Between the two, she preferred the Wigglytuff’s light pink tint and strawberry smell.


Tonymoly is known for their skincare product lines. In this video Kim Dao also reviews Tonymoly’s Pikachu Lotion, the Buried Digda peel off pack, the Buried Digda three step nose pack, and a Squirtle hydrating mask.


To learn more about Kim Dao’s recommendations on these beauty products, watch the full video!




EOS Lip Balm The Rocky Road To Success

EOS lip balm now one of the most popular lip balms out there especially for the younger generations is something that is still quite new itself on the market compared to its competitors. Its rise in popularity seemed almost effortless but behind the curtain there was a lot of work involved as the market was already over saturated with lip balms by huge companies with big backers. But the girls behind producing the EOS balm were persistent. A lot of their problems came from the fact that stores simply were nervous about putting in their stock. Many stores like Kohls and Ulta believed that the buyers would be loyal to the brands they always had thus the product just wouldn’t be bought. Another issue was that men simply just didn’t get it at the beginning, however much of that is due to the fact that the EOS lip balm was designed for women specifically millennials. The makers knew in order for their product to take flight they would have to become experts at advertising and that is exactly what they did as they are now just as advertised as other major lip balms such as chapstick. But marketing went further than the traditional magazines and television the product was sent out to bloggers for reviews on multiple media platforms the EOS lip balm was raved about and soon enough we were taken by storm with the now very popular EOS lip balm.

Choosing EOS Lip Balm For The Flavor

Choosing EOS lip balm for the flavor is a wise decision for all adults and children who wish to care for their lips. The company is performing better than all other firms in the industry, and they are catching up to the companies such as Chap Stick and Burt’s Bees who have owned the market for some time. This article explains how the flavors and colors of EOS lip balm,, are more popular than ever before.

#1: Better Flavors

The flavor choices from EOS lip balm are quite powerful, and they are popular with the public because they remind people of their favorite smells. The products are often seen on the shelves of Target and Walmart stores. The company has gone to great lengths to find better flavors, and they release new flavors often. They are doing everything in their power to ensure they are offering something the public wants, and they have done quite well to show the public there is a specific flavor for every nose.

#2: The Balm Is Soft

EOS is the softest lip balm in the world, and according to Amazon reviews it is soft because of the science behind the product. Anyone who is using EOS will find it quite fun to slide it across their lips, and they will note the lip balm makes their lips less dry. They deserve to have soft lips they will be proud of, and they will find it when they are shopping with EOS lip balm.

The EOS brand has made its name on ensuring every customer has a full experience from the smell to the softness of the product. They will quite enjoy the way it feels to use the product, and they will note the simplicity of the balm as compared to other. Sliding the soft ball of product across the lips helps the consumer has soft lips that smell lovely at the same time.

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