Glen Wakeman: Management Mastermind

He is known for his mentoring, entrepreneurial spirit and as a revolutionary leader. Also, he has been in the business career for two decades. Currently, he is the CEO of Launchpad holdings LLC and SAAS Company, which he co-founded in 2015.He began his career after graduating with a BSc in economics and finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago.


Although he has contributed a lot of in the business world, he is well known for his proven steps in performance methodology. The methodology focuses on risk management, human capital, and execution in business and leadership power. Apart from that, Glen Wakeman has vast experience in emerging market, divestitures, and corporate governance, which makes him a keen strategic ( His knowledge of strategies has enabled him to offer counsel to executive level groups, which are interested in increasing their productivity. Addition Glen Wakeman provides first advice to the angel investing, and the international financing platforms. Apparently, he is driven by his passion for business, which has seen him work tirelessly.


Due to this desire, he is a frequent blogger on the issues concerning business transformation, emerging markets, global affairs and the leadership he provides. Being an investor and an entrepreneur, he has used his blogs to reach many people and mentoring them in the way forward in their business operations. Since he is a businessman, he has lived in six different countries and also responsible he has gained significant international recognition through his career in the corporate world.


According to him, application of machine learning to the business would help a lot in improving the company. The several business problems experienced would be solved completely. Apparently, machine learning is essential since they help to generate insightful improvements in decision making, overall quality, and speed. The machines are crucial, and the offerings are great for the recent business venture. He recommends the device since he is excited when people are engaging in right business ventures (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman thinks that people must embrace reading to employ to broaden their mind on the available business opportunities and the various methods an individual should apply for growth.

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University of Illinois College Professor, Dr. Mark J. Holterman

The full professor at the University of Illinois, Dr. Mark J. Holterman has been in the institution since 2011. He is based in Peoria and is a surgeon-in-chief (Pediatrician) at the Advocate Christ Children’s home and also at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois among others.

Mark Holterman is a member of the following professional groups, the American College of Surgeons and American Academy of Pediatrics. He majors in pediatric surgery and the fields of research that he is interested in include regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, obesity and novel cancer treatment.

Dr. Mark Holterman attended the Yale University, and he majored in Biology and had high grades when he graduated. He went on to undertake his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virginia. After a short while, he finished his residency in general surgery at the University of Virginia Health Sciences. Mark Holterman now went for a fellowship in pediatric surgery while at the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center at the University of Washington (

In his career of more than two decades, DR. Mark J. Holterman has been able to accomplish a lot of things as a researcher and also as a doctor. He has received a lot of accolades for his contribution to the health of children and medical students in the campus. He was given the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association, ADA.

Whatever Mark Holterman does, he works to give sustainable pediatric medicine to the young children who are in Vietnam. The organization IPSAC-VN has another initiative that it does to take medical practitioners, supplies and other medical requirements to Vietnam.

The organization also connects local doctors to other prominent agencies so that in case they fit emerging opportunities. They can be absorbed. For someone to get the chance, they need to write a letter from the institution that they are in and show that they are willing to improve the health of the people.

There is also research the Dr. Mark J. Holterman is carrying out. He wants to find a cure that can solve chronic diseases like diabetes that do not have medicine now (ReleaseFact).


Brazil’s Renowned Neurologist and Cardiologist- Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll’s Education

Jorge Moll graduated in medical school, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He graduated in 1994. Jorge also studied Neurology Residency at the same university, in 1997. Jorge is currently a cardiologist in Brazil and has his own laboratory that he founded in 1977. The laboratory is meant for health diagnostics and imaging. Through his great expertise, Jorge transformed his laboratory into one of the largest hospitals in the Brazil. He has more than 30 hospitals.


It was in 2010 that he sold D’Or’s subsidiary hospitals and managed to have full control of the Sao Luiz, a Sao-Paulo based hospital group. There have been several named milestones of Jorge Moll (ResearchGate). He had a role of Chief Executive Officer but left the role in the process and became chairman. He acquired the San Luiz hospital in Brazil, founded his own laboratory, now the largest hospital in Brazil and has also managed to create a fortune over the companies he’s been able to have.


His hospital, which developed from his founded from his laboratory does not rely on other major hospitals to keep running. Instead, it is run independently through Jorge’s own expertise and experience. Other hospitals in Brazil are the ones who greatly depend on Jorge’s hospital.


Jorge Moll is also the president-director and governing board of the D.Or’s, which is an institute for research and education. He has received awards and distinctions due to his expertise in neurology. The awards were the NIH awards earned between 2004 and 2007. He was elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and he also earned the Visiting Scholar Award, at the Stanford Neuroscience Institute in 2015.


Apart from being a career person and a cardiologist, Jorge Moll is a family man. He is married and he and his wife have 9 children.

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Entrepreneur and Media Expert-Roberto Santiago

He is a prominent entrepreneur and investor in Brazil. Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Spain and that is where he began his schooling. After his High school graduation, Mr. Roberto proceeded to pursue his high education when he joined faculty of Communication Science and Literary Creation of Madrid where he studied Sound and Imagine. After his graduation, Santiago began his career working for marketing agencies in Madrid working as an editor, video producer, television screenwriter as well as novel publisher. Roberto has been writing books which have been doing well in the market including; Los Futbolisimos which is a children’s book and a best seller in the Brazil. To reach more people, the book has been translated into other languages.

Roberto Santiago is a prominent author and on several occasions, he has been recognized due to his writing. Some of the books that have earned him awards include; the Suicide Club, El Iandron de Mentiras, At the End of the Road, as well as Penalty in the world among others. Roberto’s love for media made him a director of various television programs. Being a media personality is not the only thing which Mr. Santiago has been doing instead he is a successful investor who owns a business; Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping in Brazil. In 1989, Mr. Roberto established the shopping mall and since then the mall has been expanding. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is among the largest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa. The mall also offers space for other activities among them entertainment, and leisure. For two years Roberto was constructing and developing the mall which is a host of various institutions as well as facilities which include; college, banking hall, food courts, gym, shopping stores, and gaming area.

Roberto Santiago has not only accomplished a lot in the investing industry but he has also succeeded in other areas including; being a sports person as well as a blogger. Being a real estate developer, Roberto had a passion to develop his shopping mall to a hub, and he has come to realize his dreams as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is one of the largest hubs in Brazil. Domus halls are one of the halls in the shopping mall which can accommodate about 8000 people. Brazilians have made the place one of their favorites and a suitable place to hold their events. The famous Domus hall was officially launched in 2009. The hall which is located on the rooftop is a host of several events among them; music concerts, weddings, graduation ceremonies, exhibitions and fairs among other events. Roberto Santiago who is about 58 years has accomplished a lot at a young age but it is through hard work, determination as well as sacrifice. He is living his dream life of making Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall a hub.