Stream Energy on how to save your energy bills

Did you know that leaving their electric gadgets unplugged only leads to higher energy bills? According to Stream Energy, you can save lots of energy by unplugging electronic devices that are not in use.

Using household gadgets has two kinds of costs: direct costs and hidden costs.

Direct costs are those that come from what you spend on the energy you use for powering your gadgets while in use. These costs are easy to justify since they consist of what you pay for using your gadgets.

The most unjustified way of spending on energy is what Stream Energy calls vampires (Linkedin). They explain that when you leave your gadgets plugged in, they still use energy whether they are in active use or not.

Saving a dollar in a year


Energy vampires are a big issue for the way they consume energy little-by-little till it accumulates to a considerable amount.

It could be something as small as that phone charger that’s not in use. Since the electricity is still on, the circuit has to be completed, leading to energy consumption.

By unplugging your phone charger, you can save up to a dollar in a year. Imagine what could happen if you are doing this for all your other gadgets. Take the printer, computer monitor, and home theater.


Usage monitoring tools


Stream Energy is an American retail electricity and natural gas company that was founded in 2004. The company employs direct selling or multi-level marketing to sell its products.

On saving on your energy costs Stream Energy observes that you could save as much as $130 annually by unplugging your entire entertainment system.

It takes diligence to stop phantom energy drain in your home. All you need to do is batch any electric equipment’s and shut things down when you don’t need them.

The company also provides what they call ‘Stream Connected Services’ available in 10 states across the USA. Its other services are, however, available online.

They advise that you watch out for the energy you spend. If you want, ask them to provide you with usage monitoring tools.

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