My Daughter’s Role Model is Betsy DeVos

We should be proud to have Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education within the United States of America. She serves as a role model for the next generation of women. She teaches them that they can achieve anything, be anything, and promote good virtues if they put their minds to it.


This wonderful example of how life should be lived is in direct contrast with the normal role models that we see on social media, the internet, and on YouTube. These role models, such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, all teach that a girl should be greedy, sexually promiscuous, vengeful, and prone to gossip. The purpose of this article is to convince young girls to stop looking at the so-called pop stars and begin looking at a productive citizen by examining the life of Betsy DeVos.


Betsy DeVos teaches us why we should take our childhood seriously. Our childhood is the training grounds that we go through to become productive citizens later on in life. It is from the strong starting point of our childhoods that raises the chance that we will become great citizens in the future. Betsy DeVos knew this and attended the Holland Christian High School and later would go on to get in an economics degree from a college in Grand Rapids, Michigan known as Calvin College.


Betsy DeVos would use her education to propel her into a sphere of influence where she could affect true change. Betsy DeVos committed her life to restructuring the education system in America. She became active with several political super Pacs which focus on promoting school choice, charter schools, and voucher programs for private schools. She would mainly restructure education through her political offices that she held within the state of Michigan Republican Party. It was here in the great state of Michigan that she would serve as chairwoman as well as the committeewoman on the board of Republicans. She performed admirably in these roles and in 2016 president-elect Donald Trump nominated her to serve as United States Secretary of Education.


Betsy DeVos also teaches us why it is important to better society. She lives this through her generous giving through the Betsy and Dick DeVos Family Foundation. Betsy DeVos understands that civilization is only as strong as the key virtues which grow it. These virtues are education, justice, community, arts, and a free market.


To sum up this article, Betsy DeVos teachers are young girls three valuable lessons that they desperately need to learn. The first lesson is that we should start off well. The second lesson is that we should promote our values. And the third lesson is that we should give back to society.


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