Guide to Preventing Doxxing

The internet is the new final frontier and it has brought the age of information into true definition. If you need to know anything you head to the internet. If you run a business, you head to the internet. Relying on the web has made companies like Status Labs so incredibly important. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that focuses on helping their customers steer their message in the world of the internet and 24 hour news. CEO Darius Fisher knows more than just your online reputation is important, he also knows how important your online safety is and that can take the from of doxxing. Today Fisher is going to submit a few easy to enact tips that will help you defend against doxxing!


Doxxing is one of the greatest threats that most people face on the internet. Doxxing is when someone gets ahold of your personal information, through scrounging around the internet, in order to steal your identity or make your life harder than it has to be. Doxxing ranges from being a prank to an actual federal offense but no matter where it lay on that line it is a big deal. Here are a few key tips that Fisher suggests you follow in order to prevent yourself from getting doxxed in the future.


Lock Down Social Media

Did you know that every time a social media platform like Facebook updates their settings it can revert your own privacy settings? Yup! Suddenly all of your private info is free to the world. Make a habit of adjusting your privacy settings every few months. Keep prying eyes away from your information. Also consider getting a public Facebook account that has just your professional name and nothing else. This works as a smokescreen to protect your private information.


Search Your Name

Take a moment to look around the various big search engines while using a variety of keywords related to you or your business. Then go through the results and request each piece of information that you do not approve of to be removed. This will help tailor the results that show up on search engines and thus protect you.


Get Creative With Passwords

Finally, and most functionally, get into the habit of changing your passwords. Always use strings of special characters and numbers and never store them on the internet. Keep your passwords saved on a piece of paper at your desk, if need be.

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