End Citizens United: A hope to bring change in political reforms

End Citizens United is an organization funded by donors that works to counteract the effects of Citizens United and to bring change in the current governance system in America. It also works to reform its campaign’s finance system. End Citizens United aims to elect such candidates and voters that can work against the increasing power of wealthy people who try to buy the elections. This organization was built to ensure fair elections and bring political reforms in the country. End Citizens United’s main objective is to fight against those powers that try to corrupt the political system. The organization works towards raising the matter of black money in politics and using grassroots donors to bring changes in the political system.



End Citizens United was established in 2015 when Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Citizens United in 2010 opened ways for billionaires to spend countless, untraceable money on elections without any accountability. The purpose of Citizens United bill was to unite the citizens of America, but in reality, it worked against its mission and created differences among people and government. According to Supreme Court, the organizations and corporations would be given the same stature as common people. The funds given by these corporations would be tax-free, and in this way, large businesses can invest a huge amount of money to get access to political parties with an intention of tax evasion.



After this ruling, people all over the United States opposed the works of Citizens United. They begin to feel that the political parties only care for the rich and famous people and ignore the problems of a common man. That is when End Citizens United was formed with a sole purpose of ending this ruling so that people can openly share their views, discuss their issues and comment on the affairs of the government. One other major goal of this organization is to bring reforms in government so that those aren’t qualified to lead the country should be removed.


Some of the major donors for this organization in 2015-2016 were Foundation for National Progress from San Francisco, Griesinger Jan from Millfield, Henry Bayard from Westwood and many others. The increase in the number of donors depicts the popularity of this organization among people from all over the country. The organization has collected more than four million dollars at the start of 2017 and aims to reach a total of thirty five million dollars till the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. With the help of this money, it plans to elect campaign finance reform champions to Congress. So far, End Citizens United is doing pretty well and aspires to work for a better political system in the country.