Tammy Mazzocco Tames the Real Estate Industry

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful residential real estate broker in Central Ohio, servicing four counties. She started her real estate career as a Re/Max secretary to a nine-person group that was involved in the commercial real estate business. From there she worked at several real estate related companies as a support person and manager, but when she saw the income potential of selling, she decided to jump in and get with the program.

Mazzocco made the switch to becoming an active real estate broker in 1999, and she hasn’t had regret since that time. As will all new ventures, she had a period of learning to go through, but it was more about the learning of people as opposed to the nuts and bolts of real estate itself.

For example, in her early years, she was a shy person and didn’t enjoy talking to people. That sounds like a strange problem if you were to meet her today, but then it was a big problem for her. She overcame that difficulty by deciding to start all conversations herself by asking questions. That focused the attention on the other person having to respond, and that got the conversation going.

People ask Tammy Mazzocco what she does each day and when she outlines her day, it is not so spectacular, according to her, but the fact is that she is very organized. She does pretty much the same routine each day. She starts her day with some stretching exercises, then some meditation. Then she attends to office work, paperwork and similar details. After that, she gets on the phone for a couple of hours and plans her day in the field where she will be showing clients-to-be houses.

  1. She particularly likes some of the property services which can hook her up with a live prospect on the phone, because she likes to talk to the people and set times to show the homes. That will usually result in a sale. Even with that, most of her business now comes through referrals from her clients and business people.

Tammy Mazzocco has all 5-star ratings on Trulia and very positive reviews. Among the comments are ones describing how she is punctual, reliable and an excellent communicator.