The Achievements of the Brazilian Capitalist Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is famous for being an author of fiction for both the youth as well as the children fiction. He also takes parts in activities alongside screenwriting mainly for the television plays. The implication here is that he can be referred to as a film director. It is important to acknowledge the fact that he was born in the year 1968 and is presently working at Paraiba as a reference. His qualification for the job is the fact that he is always informed on the current affairs and is quite inventive in the industry as he has a lot of ideas. Read more on

Notably, he is a prosperous financier with a record of the exemplary act in his business. Manaira Shopping Complex is prominent for being among the dreams of Paraiba established as early as 1989. Presently, the complex has been transformed which have led to the recreation of the Manaira consisting of space additional adjustments. It also takes the lead about the shopping bases situated in Brazil particularly Joao Pessoa. The complex provides a lot of activities such as entertaining the guests, leisure activities, as well as fun-fares. There happened an enormous inauguration in 2014 and has facilitated the Northeast’ desirability in addition to it’s up to date beaches as well as a spectacular sundowner.

Additionally, Manaira satisfies the electric gaming fans. It is because the location consists of stations exceeding 200 that provides the games of varied types and differed tastes to satisfy the different age brackets. As well, it consisting of restaurants where families can take enjoy their food. There are also outlets that facilitate the sale of hamburgers together with cold soft drinks. Looking at the kitchen section, Espaco Gourmet has the exclusive Kitchen Chefs who are very proficient. As well, there is the presence of the branches of Universities within the complex that have theaters with shows that draws attention. Santiago considered it sensible setting up his ventures in the town due to its flexibility and sensibility to the technological changes. The individuals around the area are quite friendly and optimistic regarding their day-to-day living. In consideration of its flexibility, Santiago intended to meet the requirements by the clients of all ages to ensure that parents do not encounter any difficulty upon their visit with children. Read more on Exame

Mangabeira and Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping boasts of the finest entertainment, technology, as well as laser reference. The structures within the neighborhoods are also well positioned thus lay out in the regional geography. Several companies are drawn to the location after the investment of Robert Santiago. It is because they intend to attain a market portion for their markets at the coverage. Notably, Joao Pessoa city receives the finest amenities, employment and business openings in favor of the native inhabitants.

Samuel Stauch’s Journey To Richness

Samuel Strauch is a real estate magnate. He is Metrik Real Estate’s owner and founder. Metrik Real Estate is a Florida-based company that operates across Latin America. The company offers development and equity brokerage as well as management services. Strauch has a bachelor degree in business as an alumnus of the New York-based, Hofstra University. He is also Harvard University and Erasmus University.

Strauch kicked off his career in the banking sector but soon discovered his talent in real estate investment after a stint at his family’s real estate company in Southern Florida. He began his independent real estate company in 2002, which he still manages to date. Metrik Real Estate integrates a complementary enterprises platform that includes acquisition, management, sourcing, development, and real estate brokerage within Latin America and Southern Florida. Strauch also has an interest in other sectors including restaurant and internet industry. He is also a fun of photography and art.

Strauch cites two inspirations to venture into the real estate industry. One was the booming real estate market in Miami. The second inspiration was the rapid growth of Miami metropolis. Strauch also banked on his global connections to put up a real estate company. He cherishes the opportunity to meet new clients, which breaks the monotony of serving same customers, which he witnessed in the banking sector. Besides profits, he further cherishes making new friends from his business engagements who also inspires new ideas to grow or reorganize his company. Samuel Strauch also emphasizes the importance of putting ideas into practice as the key to success and growth of a firm. He further cites meditation as critical to the success of the company and personal life. His fascination is to watch the metamorphosis of the society under the forces of globalization. Accordingly, Strauch expresses indignation with tedious work and instead pursues a thought provoking career that keeps his mind engaged. He further stresses the importance of gratefulness for success, enthusiastic and flexible mind as well as setting short-term and long-term goals. Strauch also underscores the importance of optimism to the success of the business. He cautions against hiring staff by trust rather than their performance competency.

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