Get The Benefits Of An Award Inmate Calling Network With Securus Technologies

Get reliable inmate calling with a amazing network that started as a regulation provider by joining Securus Technologies. They are responsible for government mandated surveillance and monitoring. Securus has successfully processed over 2.4 million calls over the past year. You have the option of getting the highest standard of customer service every time you call or interact with their customer service professionals. Securus proudly hires over 12,000+ IT professionals in a high level of calling communications and telecommunications security. Don’t be fooled by competitor networks that charge more while their prices can be compared $4 to $1 to other networks.


Their customers were able to prevent crime by reporting a telecommunications threat to Securus officials. They immediately addressed the personnel threat and avoided an increase in fees for their customers. Their interactive platform provides a remarkable way for customers to leave valuable feedback. You never have to worry about dropped calls because they offer their calls over a secure network. Thousands of customers have made the switch and have become a part of the Securus network. You can talk to the ones you love for far more than you can expect without the threat of losing valuable time with dropped calls.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Voicemail features allows their loved ones to leave you a message that allows you to leave a message on with an inmates access account. They can retrieve and receive their message when they have permission from the facility.


Remote Visitation


Get video access for inmate visitation with over the internet features provided by a team effort between Securus and Vimeo. You get complete control over a high definition video and sound. You never have to leave home to visit your love ones in a correctional facility.


Become a part of the Securus Technologies network by visiting their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers.

There Is No Other Company Like Securus Technologies

With advances that Securus Technologies making in the public safety field, they have been the leader in the industry for some time now. This is because they are creating new technologies to help on a weekly basis. They are in high demand all across the country, and known and respected around the globe. Their latest technology is called Video Visitations.


The Video Visitations help the prisoners to communicate with friends and relatives through the use of videos. This keeps everyone safer in the correction facilities environments, and the customers that are using their technology are extremely pleased. They have nothing but positive things to say about the company and their technology.


Securus Technologies is making huge inroads in the safety field. They work with the government on a regular basis because they assist them with their correction facilities all across the country. The techniques that they use when dealing with over a million prisoners are videos, investigations and interviews, as well as many more. Their success is largely due to the fact that they have fantastic employees that are dedicated to what they do. They want to create a safer world for everyone, and they are doing so on a regular basis.